LegalRelectra: Mixed-domain Language Modeling for Long-range Legal Text Comprehension


The application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to specialized domains, such as the law, has recently received a surge of interest. As many legal services rely on processing and analyzing large collections of documents, automating such tasks with NLP tools emerges as a key challenge. Many popular language models, such as BERT or RoBERTa, are general-purpose models, which have limitations on processing specialized legal terminology and syntax. In addition, legal documents may contain specialized vocabulary from other domains, such as medical terminology in personal injury text. Here, we propose LegalRelectra, a legal-domain language model that is trained on mixed-domain legal and medical corpora. We show that our model improves over general-domain and single-domain medical and legal language models when processing mixed-domain (personal injury) text. Our training architecture implements the Electra framework, but utilizes Reformer instead of BERT for its generator and discriminator. We show that this improves the model’s performance on processing long passages and results in better long-range text comprehension.

Natural Legal Language Processing