Selected Talks


Biennial Numerical Analysis Conference
Leslie Fox Prize Meeting
University of California Santa Barbara
SIAM Conference on Optimization
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute MIDO Seminar
Joint Mathematics Meeting


University of Leicester
KTH Applied Combinatorics, Algebra, Topology and Statistics Seminar
SIAM Workshop on Network Science
MPI Math Machine Learning Seminar
IBM Research, Yorktown Heights
Acta Numerica
Stockholm Optimization Days
IBM-Oxford Symposium
Oxford Math meets Stats Colloquium
Institute of Advanced Study
Oxford Control Group Seminar
Oxford Numerical Analysis Seminar


Simons Workshop on Optimization Under Symmetry
INFORMS Annual Meeting
AMS Fall Sectional Meeting
KU Leuven Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Oxford Data Science Seminar
Oxford Networks Seminar
Stitch Fix Algo Hour
Joint Mathematics Meeting


Microsoft Research Machine Learning Foundations Seminar
Conference on Network Sciences


Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
EPFL Applied Topology Seminar


Conference on Network Sciences
Machine Learning in Network Science
Connectomics (Keystone Symposium)